Our Services To You

A means for you to develop your creative vision, we turn your idea into an actual product that can be marketed and sold.

We work the full stack so that you dont need to, we take a virtual private server and turn it into the tool that can provide services to your target market.

We can build on top of existing tools such as various APIs and create products that add a creative twist to the apps that you already enjoy.


Web Development

Please contact us about your next vision so that we may discuss your budget and work from there.

To give you a reference, we charge $100/hr, the amout of features you want your app to have will determine how much time required to complete the project.

The Kinds of Things We Can Build


Web Apps

Task Automation Software

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Business Analytics Software

Products or Apps that utilize existing software or apps in order to create a unique twist


About Me

I am a person like you, I have fears, I have insecurities, and yes the boogeyman keeps me up at night. I am a protector, a fighter. Bruice Lee says to fight without fighting. There is an art to de-escalation. There is a way to keep you and your belongings safe. Yeah anyone can slap on a new lock, but what makes it secure? What will deter the enemy from taking your world record sized stockpile of gummybears? Sassyness? I can one-up that and some, bring it on. Give me a challenge, I'll take it, tear it up, and use it to build a bonfire so large it keeps the evil spirits away. By day I am a locksmith, by night I am whatever you want me to be. I can work with you to fulfill your software vision. Please contact us below to realize your success.






Alltech Lock Website

Napa Lock Website

Sexual Embodiment

Review A Locksmith - Still In Development, although feel free to play around with it

Technologies I Work With

Languages I Am Most Skilled At




Bash (Linux command line)


Note: Once you actually learn how to code, it doesn't really matter which language you use. The function names and syntax becomes irrelevant. The underlying skill of designing the algorithm is the real challenge (for some), if you can even call it a challenge.

Tools I Typically Use






Ubuntu Server